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LERNER for Life specializes in coaching talented, gifted, enterprising and passionate individuals and organizations to unlock their best and truest potential.

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Unrivaled on the outside,
yet Unraveled on the inside?

Introducing our law firm

For too many individuals and organizations, success comes at a high price. Burnout. A diminished sense of focus and effectiveness. Slumping creativity and productivity. Unhealthy lifestyle choices. Crumbling relationships. Loss of joy and passion. The stress of success. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Reclaim your passion, regain your focus,
and re-energize your creativity.

Be productive and effective again.
All with a sustainable lifestyle and fulfilling relationships.


Over the last ten years, hundreds of successful professionals, organizations, and executives in every field — CEOs, movie stars, leaders, and creators — have sought out Dr. Jerry Lerner when they felt themselves unraveling.


Working together, we can help you unlock your full potential in every aspect of your life so you can find yourself again and create the life you want with sustainable success.

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Lerner For Life

Coaching & Training Options
for Individuals and Organizations 


Getting off track or feeling burned out happens to the best of us. Dr. Jerry Lerner helps individuals regain their vision, focus, and creativity to discover their best selves again.


Dr. Jerry Lerner works with leaders and leadership teams to help align their vision and focus while building a resilient culture.


Restore balance, generate enthusiasm, and re-energize your team with interactive organizational retreats that give your organization a boost that will help productivity, efficiency, and culture.


Dr. Jerry Lerner training workshop sessions teach individuals important principles of resilience, brain training, or any curriculum specific to your organizational needs.


Need a keynote speaker who can capture your audience? Whether in person or through a remote webinar, Jerry Lerner's entertaining style of delivery helps organizations deliver a message that is memorable and actionable.

You Can Live a Life of Sustainable Success

Sustainable Success is like a lock with four tumblers – all four need to be “dialed in” to unlock your full potential.


Dial into your own biology for maximum health and energy.


Dial into being present and creative.



Dial into directing your focus toward your vision and your goals.


Dial into support yourself, your relationships and  your path in the world.


You don’t have to do this alone. Contact me for a no-obligation discussion to see if “Stress of Success” coaching is right for you or your organization.

"Over the last year I moved to a new area of the country for a new position then Covid-19 came upon all of us. Since I began my new position, I was promoted to manager at my new firm. Working with Dr. Jerry Lerner I was able to cope with the new situations and excel as a manager.


Based on my experience, I suggest that regardless of the issues  you are dealing are with in your position, Jerry Lerner can successfully assist you in furthering your career."

~ Mitch Gross
Blue Origin

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